HackThisSite Basic Missions!

HackThisSite.org I'll be going through the HackThisSite  basic missions in this walk-through/experience. I'll be completing all missions through the Firefox web browser. Basic Missions 1. The first basic mission is beyond easy. Simply inspect the element of the page and when you get near the password form html code there is a comment containing the... Continue Reading →

Metasploitable2 Notes/Walkthrough

This is really more of a post for me, here you can find my notes while following the metasploitable walkthrough found here: https://metasploit.help.rapid7.com/docs/metasploitable-2-exploitability-guide There are some definitions and summaries of some of the tools and vulnerabilities and than further down you can see the actual method of exploiting the vulnerabilities and using the tools. msfconsole Commands... Continue Reading →

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