Security+ SY0-501 by Darril Gibson

Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead SY0-501 Study Guide by Darril Gibson

The day has come, I have, for the first time, read an entire book, since probably the third grade! You may hold the applause. This book was probably the single best source of knowledge I have come upon so far in my short life. While I may not understand the ins and outs of every topic in security yet this book did an excellent job of teaching me enough to the point where I can understand and learn from other resources as well. This is an excellent foundation for learning security and I highly recommend anyone interested in the field whether it be for a future career or even just as a hobby.

My initial reasoning for reading this book was simply to pass the Sec+ exam. I am now done with the entire book and for whatever reason do not even feel like taking the exam just yet. I will soon be starting my first position (internship) related to security and I don’t feel like there is a need to take the test now. Besides that, I do not want to be disappointed if I fail the exam because I have worked very hard to learn the contents of the book and I have read a lot about the new 501 exam being very different than the examples in the book. Whether I can pass the exam right now or not does not really matter to me as I know I have learned a great deal of knowledge from the book and that is all that really matters.

For those simply wondering if this book alone will be enough to enable you to pass the 501 exam I would most likely say no.  However, this is strictly based off what others online have said and based off the types of questions people have mentioned were on their exam.

For those wondering if this book is worth the read. Absolutely, for anyone from beginner to experienced I strongly recommend this book. I can guarantee you will learn something whether it be business aspects of cyber security or how to defend against a type of attack. This book is loaded with great information.

Some things to note:

  • This book is not entertaining, it is strictly educational reading and you will most likely never giggle and or smile while reading this
  • You will not even be close to an expert hacker at the end of this book, in fact you will not even be a novice hacker
  • People will think your weird for reading a 500page book that isn’t required for a class
  • You will never need to take sleep medication ever again because this book comes with a lifetime supply
  • You will likely try to talk to everyone you know about the latest topic you read and they will most likely not care at all

In the end I’d say the best part about this book is how it gives just enough information about topics that makes the reader want to learn more. As I am writing this I am getting ready to read my next book “Penetration Testing” by Georgia Weidman to better understanding some of the attacks mentioned in the Darril Gibson book.

Well that’s all I really wanted to say and if you are planning to read this book have fun and make sure you take your time! Also if you don’t understand a topic very well than search that bad boy up on the internet as it will most likely come up in the future.


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