Get A Password Manager!

Welcome to the 21st century! Remember back in the day when we would write down a password so we wouldn’t have to memorize it? Well let’s do that again! Just this time we are going to do it better.

So a password manager is exactly what it sounds like. It is an application used to manage passwords. Since passwords have become something everyone is required to use on many different applications users quickly began to ignore common password protection practices. For instance, never sharing your password with others or never using the same password for multiple applications. We’ve all done it and if you are reading this then you have survived.

You are probably thinking “If I had a different password for every application I’d never know my password!” and that’s the point. What better way to keep hackers from knowing your password if you don’t even know it?

Recommended Password Managers

LastPass KeePass Dashlane 1Password Keeper

Why Use a Password Manager?

Remember Only One Password
You are only required to know one password as this one password will provide you the passwords for all of your other accounts. Remembering one secure password is much easier than remembering several.

Generate Random Passwords
The password manager contains an option to generate random passwords. This is great because it will make a very secure password. The greatest threat for password hacking is dictionary based attacks which using this password generator will prevent these attacks from being successful.

Login to Accounts Simply
Using the convenient autofill feature on most websites as well as the quick and easy to use copy-paste features you are able to simply login to all of your accounts. This is a much more secure method than using the “remember my password” feature that web browsers contain.

Easily Change Your Passwords
Picture someone obtaining your password. If this is your password for multiple platforms you now have to go to each site individually and change your password. With a password manager there is a quick and easy solution for this. For major applications you are able to change your password in just a few clicks in the password manager itself.

Share Passwords Securely
By using the managers share features you will be able to add other users to your group and view particular account information. This is very useful in the corporate environment where you want to share a password in a secure location.

Store More Than Just Passwords
This is the future of password creation and management but it can also be used for other information that you wish to keep secure but readily available. This includes information such as credit cards, addresses, contact information, etc…

Use the Same Password Manager across Multiple Devices
A well developed password manager will have applications for various devices including IOS, Android, Web. This allows you to use the same password manager across your devices.





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