SMS/Text Spam Script

A friend of mine came to me in urgent need of annoying someone. This was an easy “yes” for me. Having the victims phone number we thought spamming the hell out of their phone would be interesting. I found many programs that would send texts via interface and or simple programs. What I could not find was one that was annoying enough. What’s more annoying than getting a ton of text messages? That’s right… getting a ton of text messages from multiple sources.

Below you can find my source code, running this python script with python 2.x you will certainly get some angry faces 🙂 For maximum annoyance I recommend a minimum of 5 email addresses with about 50 messages (50 * 5 = 250 messages) and a pause of ‘0’. This is especially fun if the victim has a smartwatch/device as it will likely make pretty colors and lots of vibrations.

If you’d like the different email sources to send various messages you can simply make msg an array and then loop through them accordingly.

Please do not use this for unauthorized/illegal/criminal/cruel/torture activities. Thank you.


#This program allows us to send text messages via email

#using the targets cellular sms gateway address

#we can set multiple source email addresses so the target

#receives messages from multiple users

import time

import smtplib

#All configuration changes should occur in this portion of the code

email_server = '' #smtp address for source email address

email_server_port = 587 #port number of smtp server for source email

email_address = ["",""] #email to send from

#you can add an email by simply putting a comma and inserting another email and password

email_password = ["passwordForEmail","NextEmailsPassword"] #email address password

msg = "message to send" #Whatever you want to send to the target

number_of_texts = 2 #Amount of times you want to text target

target_email = "" #Targets cellular number in email format

pause = 10 #Seconds to wait in between messages

#All configuration changes should occur above this portion of the code

# No more configurations below #

for i in range(0,number_of_texts):

        for x in range(0,len(email_address)):

                server = smtplib.SMTP(email_server, email_server_port)


                server.login(email_address[x], email_password[x])


                print("text message sent")




print("All texts have been sent")

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