Programming From The Ground Up Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Know the Concepts 1) What are primitives? Primitives are the basics which everything else is built off of. These are operations provided by the system as you simply would not be able to write certain functions without primitives. 2) What are calling conventions? Calling conventions describe how functions expect to get and receive... Continue Reading →

Programming From The Ground Up Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Know The Concepts 1) What does if mean if a line in the program starts with the ’#’ character? The ‘#’ character declares the line or the remainder of the line as a comment. This line will not change the program in any way. Comments are extremely helpful for programmers as it allows... Continue Reading →

Programming From The Ground Up Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Know The Concepts 1) Describe the fetch-execute cycle. Also known as an instruction cycle or fetch-decode-execute cycle is the basic operational process of a computer. The process consists of the computer retrieving a program instruction from its memory; it then determines what actions the instruction contains. Lastly, it will execute the cycle. The... Continue Reading →

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